Temporo-Mandibular disorders; free detailed webinar

Abilitee is welcoming you all to Join us for a free, detailed webinar and meet our fabulous speaker, Dr. Tzvika Greenbaum, from the Cervico-Cranio-Mandibular Academy (CCMA).Dr. Tzvika Greenbaum, a clinician, and researcher will explain the scientific background behind temporomandibular disorders (TMD) about the TMD unique assessment, the patient profile, the connection between neck pain, headaches, […]

TMD and whiplash

In Beit Lowenstein, the rehabilitation process for patients with head injuries was so long and complicated that I never stopped thinking about the Cranio-Mandibular complex. As a physiotherapist, I have always focused on the patient’s functional goals, which change depending on the patient’s functional and cognitive progress. After taking a vestibular rehab course, I was […]

TMD and contact sport

TMD effects musculoskeletal structures of the head and neck, as well as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Symptoms of TMD include orofacial pain, limited or asymmetric mandibular movements, and TMJ sounds. Tinnitus, neck pain, and headaches are also possible symptoms. An individual may suffer from mild discomfort to debilitating chronic pain, which can have psychological consequences. […]

Back pain after C Section and Dry needling

Back pain after C Section is a highly prevalent postpartum ailment.A year ago, a patient that has underwent an emergency C section entered my clinic. Her baby (who’s apparently a future athlete) changed from head to breech position a day before delivery.And again, I realized that… while many women expect there to be tears and […]

Wheelchair and Dry needling

Working in a rehabilitation Centre , I realized that I can’t treat a neurologic patient (i.e. spinal cord injury), without mastering my knowledge in orthopedics injuries and treatments.As a result of repetitive loading from wheelchair propulsion and other daily living activities, including transferring and weight relief, manual wheelchairs put a lot of stress on upper […]

Dry needling, Runner’s Knee and Gluteus – med

Karmiani et al, just recently (2022) conducted a double-blind randomised clinical trial looking into the effect of gluteus-medius dry needling on pain and physical function of non-athlete women with unilateral patellofemoral pain syndrome.They found a significant improvement in physical function of the experimental group after one week from the Glut-Med Dry Needling.With Dry Needling we […]

Dry Needling and young soldiers

Once upon a time I have practiced physiotherapy in Israel, and have had the pleasure to work with many young soldiers.One of the most seen over-exercise related problems has been – Shin Splints (SS) causing pain along the shin bone .It develops when the muscles and bone tissue become overworked due to repetitive activity. Why soldiers? […]

Summer canoeing and dry needling

Summer is here, we had a wonderful weekend taking our kids canoeing along the Thames (Near Marlow). Canoeing is fun but also hard work, especially when you row the inflatable canoe with kids who are not always rowing in the right direction. Doing those repetitive rowing movements can cause overuse injuries.Many patients complain of arm […]

Manual treatment of the Cervico-Mandibular joint makes a difference

In 2019, Delgado de la Serna et al investigated whether manual treatment of the Cervico-Mandibular joint makes a difference.He examined the effects of adding Cervico-Mandibular manual therapy to an exercise and educational programme on clinical outcomes in individuals suffering from tinnitus associated with temporomandibular disorders (TMDs).The two groups (61 altogether) were randomised into physiotherapy and […]

Headaches? Ask the Oracle

Consensus among musculoskeletal experts for the management of patients with headache by physiotherapists? A delphi study (De Pauw et al, 2021) Headaches are the second most common disorder in terms of all-age cases with a year by year increasing prevalence. Tension- type headache (TTH) – global prevalence of 38.0% Migraine – global prevalence of 10.0% […]

HAGL (Humeral Avulsion Glenohumeral Ligament)and Dry needling

Well, I did… This patient ran into an iron wall and had injured her left shoulder because of that.  it took a while for the consultants to correctly diagnose it. At first, it was diagnosed as an AC joint sprain.After an MRI Arthrogram check, it was concluded that the patient suffers from posterior HAGL. Of note, this […]