Manual treatment of the Cervico-Mandibular joint makes a difference

In 2019, Delgado de la Serna et al investigated whether manual treatment of the Cervico-Mandibular joint makes a difference.
He examined the effects of adding Cervico-Mandibular manual therapy to an exercise and educational programme on clinical outcomes in individuals suffering from tinnitus associated with temporomandibular disorders (TMDs).
The two groups (61 altogether) were randomised into physiotherapy and manual therapy group and physiotherapy alone group.
The patients in the two groups, received six sessions of physiotherapy including cranio-cervical and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) exercises, self-massage, and patient education over the course of one month.
The manual therapy group also received manual therapy targeting the TMJ, cervical and masticatory muscles.
This clinical trial concluded that Cervico-Mandibular manual therapy, along with exercise and education, led to better outcomes than exercise/education alone for people with tinnitus associated with TMD.
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