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Hands-on experience. Learn various techniques and practice with a colleague.

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Learn from experts teaching health professionals around the world. International courses delivered in local venues near you.

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Start treating patients using newly acquired techniques right after the course.

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You will be given a professional certificate to accredit your achievements in the end of the course.

Current courses

Orofacial Pain (OFP) is a prevalent type of pain experienced in the face and/or oral cavity. Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD), the leading cause of OFP, encompass several widely observed clinical con…
Dr. Tzvika Greenbaum
UCO, University Collegue of Osteopathy
13.9.24 (Friday)

About our courses

As healthcare practitioners, we encounter many patients suffering complicated and compound dysfunctions we may not have studied, nor had practiced, in depth at university. CPD courses with experts who are involved in research and treat patients daily, are there to help us achieve better clinical proficiency.

Abillitee offers post graduate high-end practical courses that will enable you to discover new niches, and master additional fields of expertise. We can help you specialise. We can help you to become a better therapist.

What makes us different?
  • Courses delivered by expert clinicians in their own fields
  • Internationally qualified lecturers
  • Niche/innovative CPD
  • After course support by the lecturer and team
  • Clinical reasoning is at the heart of every course.
  • Practical exercise included
  • Courses available across the UK
High end courses in various subjects
Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Complex
Women Health
Men health
Vestibular rehabilitation
Dry needling

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