Assessment and treatment of the pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy and post partum

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About the free webinar:

 Don’t miss Abilitee’s exclusive presentation! Join us for a complimentary webinar tailored for sports/MSK physical therapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors dedicated to treating pregnant women. This session is designed to empower professionals in enabling their patients to resume active lifestyles. Leading the discussion is Adi, a seasoned urogynecologist (Pelvic floor) and sports/MSK physiotherapist specializing in lumbago pelvic girdle pain. Adi’s mission is to raise awareness and support individuals struggling with undiagnosed pelvic pain, and aid those

pregnant and postpartum women in reclaiming their normal, active lives. She will cover topics such as the disorder, assessment techniques, and effective treatment approaches. Seize this invaluable opportunity!


Check out the video recording

30.10.2023, 12:00


Adi Amit David