Why opt for an international course, rather than going local?

Here are the pros and cons (well, pros mostly):

As health practitioners we naturally aspire to keep up to date with novel ideas and methods.

To achieve that, we need to remain exposed to alternative ways by which thing may be done elsewhere, thus benefitting from fresh thought and innovation on a global scale.

There’s great benefit in listening and learning face to face from a healthcare professional who teaches all around the world, that had diagnosed and treated a wide spectrum of patients, and who is involved in professional discussions from both a practical and theoretical point of view.

No doubt this country has some fantastic speakers in their fields to offer, and they should lecture overseas as well, if they do not yet.

But there’s so much more to learn locally from foreign speakers, that it simply wouldn’t make sense to cocoon ourselves in our own ways and disregard worldwide views and trends.

There’s nothing quite like an ‘outsider’ offering their different point of view and way of thinking, teaching from their own perspective, based on their diagnostic tools and treatment methodology (evidence based).
Abilitee is all about that.

In my many years as physiotherapist, I have participated in numerous international courses am feel a whole lot wiser for it 😊.